Quinta do Tedo - Armamar

Situated on the left bank of the Douro, is Armamar, on a steep slope with the Misarela waterfall so close and several viewpoints from where you can see the excellent views of the river.

In these lands people settled for the first time many centuries ago. These records are found all over the municipality. They range from prehistory to more recent centuries. Small pieces of stone have already been found that may have belonged to the populations of those remote times. But there are other vestiges, some more identified than others, such as forts and fortified settlements later Romanised.

From the Roman period, several links remain to its architecture, such as monuments, roads (tracks) that were among the most important routes in Europe and bridges – such as over the river Tedo.

The Goujoim Castro, which stands at an altitude of over 800 metres, was classified in April 2013 as a site of public interest. Inside the Castro some objects have been found, mainly pottery fragments. Nearby is a necropolis. Here there is a group of graves and small walls forming an archaeological site that still needs further study.

Some of the manor houses here are emblazoned with coat of arms and the streets of the Outeiro area have some traces of the medieval period.

The agriculture practised here has its strength in the production of wines and the cultivation of mountain apples.

The gastronomy is rich, and dishes such as pumpkin stew, broad beans with chorizo and kid are the best of what these lands have to offer. The goat’s cheese from Vila Nova, either fresh or matured, is also a much appreciated delicacy.

To visit:

  • Goujoim Castro
  • Armamar Mother Church (Igreja de S. Miguel)
  • Chapel of Espírito Santo
  • Chapel of Santa Barbara
  • Chapel of S. Lázaro
  • Chapel of S. Gregório
  • Chapel of Santa Ana
  • Chapel of Nossa Sra das Neves
  • Hermitage of S. Domingos
  • Misarela Waterfall
  • São Domingos Viewpoint
  • São Lourenço Viewpoint
  • Misarela Viewpoint
  • Sra da Graça Viewpoint
  • Sra da Saúde Viewpoint

Festivities and Pilgrimages:

  • Pilgrimage to S. Gregório, on March 12th
  • São João, on 24 June
  • São Domingos and Feira Franca de Fontelo, from 3 to 5 August
  • Feira da Consoada, on 24 December