Mesão Frio

The village of Mesão Frio is located on the right bank of the Douro River about 40 Km from its district capital – Vila Real and to the South of it. It arose due to the creation of an inn that gave support to travellers passing through. This settlement would have appeared around the III century, when one of the most important communication routes of the Roman Empire passed through these lands .

The first charter was attributed in 1152, by King Afonso Henriques and the village, which already had some importance, led to the appearance of some of the current parishes that are part of the municipality.

Known as the “Door of the Douro” – because it was here that the first Pombaline Landmarks were placed, the first on 9 October 1758, this is the oldest wine region in the world – the Demarcated Douro Region. These Landmarks were intended to demarcate properties of public interest – the Feitorias.

Vineyards and wine production are the “engine” of the local economy, but the Mediterranean climate also helps fruit production such as figs, cherries, oranges and plums.

Mesão Frio has very interesting landscapes, which are an excellent tourist attraction for any visitor. Between viewpoints and various churches scattered around the parishes of the municipality, passing by the Town Hall, which used to be the 18th century Franciscan Convent of Varatojo, this municipality has much to enjoy .

To visit:

  • São Nicolau Mother Church
  • Convent of São Francisco / Mother Church of Santa Cristina
  • São Silvestre Viewpoint
  • 18th Century Pombaline Landmarks .
  • Romanesque Tumular Chests
  • Barqueiros Mother Church
  • Pillory of Barqueiros
  • Castro de Cidadelhe (Cidadelhe Fortress)
  • Traditional Mills of the River Teixeira Beach
  • Martinhos (Roman) Bridge
  • Vila Marim Mother Church
  • Cidadelhe Parish Church
  • Oliveira Mother Church
  • Vila Jusã Mother Church
  • Various Chapels

Festivities and Pilgrimages:

  • Municipal Festivities, from 22 July to 24 July
  • Santo André Fair, from 29 November to 8 December