Castle of Penedono - © Salgueiro (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Penedono is a town in the district of Viseu – about 68 km from Viseu, forming a municipality of modest dimensions with about 3,000 inhabitants. Penedono is located on the left bank of the great northern river – the Douro.

The first civilisations that came here left traces that are still visible throughout the municipality today. The Dólmens, or Antas, are an example of this. These monuments are about 6,000 years old and were used for several centuries. There are also some Menhirs found here, contrary to what is usual in the North of Portugal.

The graves excavated in the rock have been dated approximately to the period between the 5th and 11th centuries. These necropolises are scattered all over the municipality.

The “sincelo” (icicle), which is very common in these lands, given the low temperatures that are felt here in winter, is the freezing of water drops on the roofs of houses or on the branches of trees. For local people, this phenomenon is “normal” and there is even a singing group with the same name – Sincelo.

The municipality, for the most part, lives mainly from the chestnut harvest. With the USA, among other markets, as its biggest customer.

The gastronomy is rich in everything the land provides, with special attention to chestnuts. Traditional dishes such as codfish or octopus, as well as meat, are authentic delicacies that have lasted through time. The slaughter of the pig, which takes place during the cold winter months, continues to be a tradition that not only helps people socialise but also sustains their livelihood.

To visit:

  • Castle of Penedono (dated around 900)
  • Penedo Interpretation Centre
  • Olive Press
  • Megalithic Necropolises
  • Menhirs
  • Graves dug into the rock
  • Cova da Moura
  • Monte Airoso
  • Serra do Reboledo (mountain)
  • Roman road of Britelo
  • Roman road of São Pedro
  • Roman road of Quinta do Vale de Outeiro
  • Roman Station – Tapada do Vento
  • Rock Inscription – Rodelas
  • Marcadouro or Mercadoura – Britelo
  • Population centre – Casteidal
  • Pillory of Penedono
  • Pillory of Souto
  • Freixos Manor House
  • Church of São Pedro
  • Church of Santa Quitéria
  • Church of São Miguel
  • Church of Santa Cruz
  • Church of São Sebastião
  • Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção
  • Church of Nossa Senhora do Pranto
  • Church of Santa Margarida
  • Chapels (several scattered throughout the municipality)

Festivities and Pilgrimages:

  • São Pedro Fair, 29 June
  • Pilgrimage to Santa Eufémia, 15 and 16 September