Peso da Régua

Peso da Régua is a town in the district of Vila Real, located next to the Douro River and is considered the capital of the demarcated region in which the well-known Port Wine is produced.

Régua owes its development to the Marquis of Pombal who, in 1756, created the Companhia Geral das Vinhas do Alto Douro (General Company of Upper Douro Vineyards) and who ordered the delimitation with Marcos de Feitoria (granite landmarks) of the areas where the best wines are produced. The world’s first demarcated region was thus created.

Since then, and because of its central location, Régua has become the centre of the region, a trading post from where the Rabelo boats transported the wine to Vila Nova de Gaia where it would age in the cellars.

The landscape surrounding the Régua is one of enormous beauty. The Alto Douro (Upper Douro) is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. The Douro River, the vineyards on its steep banks, the view from the viewpoints in the region, are beautiful landscapes that delight those who visit this region.

The Régua municipality has a rich heritage where the manor houses, the large wine-producing farms and the palatial houses stand out. Many of these houses are open to the public and are worth a visit.

Régua’s river quay is used daily by Douro Cruises with tourists who visit the region and marvel at the beautiful scenery that the Douro River provides.

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