Santa Marta de Penaguião

© Câmara Municipal de Santa Marta de Penaguião

Santa Marta de Penaguião, is the seat of a small municipality in the district of Vila Real. This region of Trás-os-Montes is located north of the Douro River and “half a dozen” kilometres from it.

In the early days of this region, there are people from the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the forts existing in the municipality. Later, these people settled and gave rise to settlements that existed before the creation of nationality.

The first charter was granted in 1202 by D. Sancho I and in it the rights, privileges and duties of the inhabitants were established.

Viticulture gained great importance for this region and with its valorisation, given the exports, the cultivation of vines developed a lot. The vineyards began to occupy all the hillsides and more that there were and the profits began to appear on a large scale.

The rich Trás-os-Montes gastronomy can also be felt here, where the tradition of several dishes such as Lamb with rice in a wood oven, Bean rice with boiled codfish or Cozido à Portuguesa, are mandatory dishes for any visitor who passes through here. Not forgetting the “Bazulaque”, the Açorda de Medrões, the Caldo de castanhas or the famous Feijoada à Transmontana. The excellent table wines of the region are served with it, not forgetting the famous fortified wine known as Port Wine.

To visit:

  • Parish Church of São João de Lobrigos
  • Parish Church of Santa Eulália da Cumieira
  • Pillory of Santa Marta de Penaguião
  • Chapel of São Pedro
  • Forts (scattered around the municipality)
  • Demarcation of the area of production of Douro fortified wines
  • Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Viso
  • Church of Santo Adrião de Sever
  • Mother Church of São Miguel de Lobrigos
  • Chapel of São Pedro de Medrões
  • Chapel of Santo Mártir
  • Fonte do Rei (fountain)
  • Fonte da Igreja (fountain)
  • Cruzeiro de Fontes
  • Traditional village of Paradela do Monte
  • Villages of Soutelo and Póvoa da Serra
  • Viewpoints
  • Mills
  • Ceramic Roman Oven
  • Quinta da Cumieira
  • Quinta do Pinheiro (Casal Agrícola de Cevêr)
  • Santa Marta Cellars
  • Fornelos River Beach

Festivities and pilgrimages:

  • Santa Marta, last weekend in July
  • Nossa Senhora da Guia, on the 1st Sunday of August
  • São Miguel, 29 September