Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia is an important city in northern Portugal, the county seat, located on the south bank of the Douro River opposite the city of Porto.

The origin of the city possibly dates back to a Celtic settlement. During the Roman occupation it was called “Cale” and most of the population would live on the south bank of the river. On the north bank was the deep-water port of the city of Gaia, which gave rise to the name Portus Cale.

The city experienced great development during the 18th century when the Port Wine Warehouses were installed here, already at the time one of the largest industries in the region.

Nowadays, the Cruises that sail up the Douro River to the Alto Douro Wine Region depart from the Gaia Quay. In the riverside area there are several bars and esplanades from where you can enjoy a splendid view over the city of Porto.

The Cellars are one of the city’s main points of interest, where you can take a guided tour and participate in a Port wine tasting.

Places to visit:

  • Port Wine Cellars
  • Gaia Cable Car
  • Monastery of Serra do Pilar
  • Gaia riverside area