Alvão Natural Park

The Alvão Natural Park is located in the municipalities of Vila Real and Mondim de Basto. It was created in 1983 and has an area of 7239 hectares.

In the park, several geological accidents give rise to spectacular waterfalls, of which the Fisgas de Ermelo Waterfalls are the best known. The Olo River drops from a height of about 200 metres through rocks between crags and cliffs creating one of the most beautiful views of the park.

In the park there are two distinct areas. In Lamas de Olo, at an altitude of 1000m, granite and high mountain vegetation predominate, in a typically Trás-os-Montes landscape. Below, near Ermelo, the predominant features are schist and a typically Minho green landscape. The Olo river joins these two distinct areas through the Fisgas de Ermelo waterfall.

The houses in the typical villages of Anta, Lamas de Olo and Ermelo are built of schist, granite and thatch, in an architecture typical of the region.

The park has several suggested routes that you can follow to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and fauna such as the peregrine falcon, the water mole, the wildcat, the Iberian wolf or the royal eagle, although it is practically extinct.

Points of interest:

  • Lamas de Olo
  • Ermelo
  • Fisgas de Ermelo Waterfall
  • Galegos da Serra Waterfall