Valeira Dam

The Valeira dam is located in the municipality of São João da Pesqueira, Viseu district, at km 145 of the Douro waterway (distance to the mouth). It was inaugurated in 1976.

With a drop of 33m, it is the second highest dam in the Douro, just after the Carrapatelo dam. It is located upstream of Foz do Tua, on a bend of the river, next to the narrow rocky gorge where Cachão da Valeira was once located.

This is the place that separates the “Alto Douro” (more precisely Upper Corgo) from the Upper Douro. The latter is situated upstream and was difficult to access before the rocks of Cachão da Valeira were destroyed, preventing navigation there.

The cruise ships that sail between Régua and Pocinho or Barca d’Alva pass through here. It is a place with an imposing landscape with high cliffs on both sides of the river.

On the left bank of the river there is an inscription on the rock that mentions the glorious deed (the destruction of Cachão da Valeira) that allowed the development of the whole region.

From the São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint you have a unique perspective of the Valeira dam.