Viewpoint of São Salvador do Mundo

The São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint has a magnificent view of the River Douro, the Valeira dam and the surrounding landscape with its rugged slopes contrasting with the vineyards, olive groves and orchards.

From here we can see the site of the old Cachão da Valeira, an ancient waterfall in a rocky gorge in the Douro River that was a natural barrier separating the Alto Douro from the Upper Douro. In this place died the well known Baron de Forrester in 1861, one of the most important figures of the Douro, responsible for the creation of the most detailed maps of the Douro.

We also see Ferradosa and the site of the old railway bridge, demolished due to the construction of the Valeira dam inaugurated in 1976.

Next to the viewpoint are ten chapels, most from the 16th century, which make up the Steps of the Passion of Christ and on Corpus Christi there is a beautiful pilgrimage here. The viewpoint is traditionally sought after by girls who want to get married. Legend has it that by tying a knot in the many broom trees that exist there, they will easily find a good man to marry.


The São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint is located by the road that connects São João da Pesqueira to Barragem da Valeira.