Ucanha is a village belonging to the municipality of Tarouca, and classified in 2001 as a Douro Wine Village. The name Ucanha derives from Cucanha, a form used until the 17th century, which means hovel or place of entertainment.

Ucanha was a village and county seat until 1836, when it was integrated into the municipality of Mondim da Beira. The integration in the current municipality of Tarouca dates from 1898.

The village is located on a slope that descends to the Varosa (or Barosa) river. The valley bordered by the wooded hills of the Serra de Santa Helena presents a beautiful landscape.

The main point of interest is the Ucanha Tower, classified since 1910 by IPPAR as a national monument. The Tower provided defense functions next to the medieval bridge, the control of people and goods and also the collection of tolls, whose income benefited the monegastic couto of Salzedas. The tolls were however abolished in 1504 and the tower lost much of its importance as the building went into decline and used as a warehouse for products. The bridge however continued to be used as one of the main crossing points for the river.

Between the old bridge and the new one there is a river beach.

Places to visit:

  • Ucanha Tower and Medieval Bridge
  • Roman ruins of Salzedas
  • Parish Church of Ucanha